The Cottles

We are James & Lynette Cottle with our four children– Moriah, Kailyn, Rachel and Caleb.  We’ve been serving with World Team since 1999 and have been ministering in Cambodia since 2001.  James grew up in Castle Hayne, NC near Wilmington and Lynette grew up in Deep Run, NC right outside of Kinston.  James has a construction background and worked with a metal manufacturing company as a welder for 10 years prior to moving to Cambodia.  Lynette has a degree in teaching from UNCW and had taught several years in North Carolina prior to Cambodia. We consider ourselves fairly normal…..regular folks who like to have fun, fish, play sports, read books, and take in an occasional movie.

We moved to Cambodia, a pretty hot part of the world. The heat and humid climate of NC, however, helped prepare us for the hot seasons of South East Asia. After the initial two years of formal language study in Cambodia we worked in several different areas; one of which was Neck Lueng (near the Vietnam border) for four years where we hosted medical clinics and taught key concepts about hygiene. During this time we also worked with several church leaders and started one new church in the area. Lynette also taught at Logos International School where she interacted with many foreign students and missionary children. In 2008 we relocated to Koh Kong, which is the western part of Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Kong is a wonderful place to be. Most all people would be happy in such a place; mountains and waterfalls to the East and the ocean to the West….heaven. Life and ministry were good. We started a health club which created a natural bridge for us as newcomers to the town. The gym saw on average 1,000 customers a month. Needless to say, we had plenty of opportunities to share God’s love.

In 2012 we moved to Phnom Penh (Cambodia’s Capitol) where Lynette is developing a professional teacher training program and where I (James) work as Asia Area Director. To read more about what we do click on the tabs TEACHER TRAINING, Develop Leaders & WORLD TEAM ASIA on the home page.



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