My Dad’s Birthday

Today, November 30th my dad would turn 73. To a young man/woman in their twenties 73 may seem far off, but anyone that has reached their 40’s will tell you that life goes by very quickly. Like a high speed train. God tells us this too. In several places in the Bible God reminds us that life is like smoke, water vapors, the blooming of a flower, and dew on the ground…’s presence is brief.

We should not be overly concerned about how brief the moment is, but rather who will we be and what will we do with that “brief” moment we are given, that should be our focal point. We are made to love God and love others; that is the most power yet simple description of how our life is to be spent. May the sum of our life be focused on these two points.

I have attached a poem which was used for my dad’s eulogy. It doesn’t explain it all but it gives you a sense of who my dad was and how his presence in our lives shaped us kids. The poem was recorded and sent to my dad on September 25th. The poem was my way of acknowledging the influence my dad had on me personally and it was my personal thank you to him for being a great dad. The poem is called There. Click on the word there  above the pic to get the link.




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