Cottles in Asia

We are finally back in Asia. Lynette arrived with Rachel and Caleb on July 25th and I arrived August 8th. I spent the additional two weeks helping my family transition my dad from the hospital back to his house.My dad has decided to stop chemo treatments; it was just too haimg_2865rd on his body and with little long-term benefit. Sitting in the hospital my dad said to me; the Lord holds all of my days anyway, so I’ll let the Lord decide the day He wants to call me home. True, very true.

Leaving my parents and returning to Asia was extremely difficult. I felt torn between two worlds but one truth brought comfort as I boarded the plane; God is involved in this situation, He loves my parents immensely and He knows how to be everything they need. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.”

Being back in Asia felt a bit weird especially after being in America for 15 months….wow that was a long time. But it feels “normal” once again. It’s taken some time for us to adjust to Cambodia’s heat, speed of life, driving, the different challenges, even the weird illnesses here but I think we are settled in now. Lynette took a teaching job at Asia Hope International School. This decision (with salary) made up the monthly financial deficit and allowed us to return to Asia. Lynette is teaching 3rd grade. She co-manages the classroom of 41 students with another teacher and two teacher assistants.

Rachel and Caleb are excited to be back in Asia and are doing well in school (they got that from their mother).They both are fully engaged in sports and loving every minute (they got that from their mother too).

img_2892At the end of August we had to cross into Thailand (at the Koh Kong border)to get new visas. This “walk across” and back took about 15 minutes .The drive to the border was 4
hours. But it wasn’t a waste of time. We got the opportunity to eat lunch with Sret and Dah whom we worked with in Koh Kong from 2008-2011.It was great hearing about their lives, the church and even how the gym is doing. Yes, the gym is still open.

In August we reached the completion of 15 years in Cambodia. That was fast! Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you God for holding us up above the raging waters.

10 years ago

Please pray for:

  1. Lynette to influence the many children towards the light of the gospel.
  2. For James as he seeks to develop leadership within Asia
  3. For the ministry expansion into Muslims ministry…we need more workers
  4. Pray for Moriah & Kailyn. Both are trying raise money to make the trip to Asia in for December
  5. For Rachel and Caleb to engage school fully and to grow in their faith
  6. For James’ parents as they face the rough realities of cancer

Thanks for partnering with us to impact lives for Jesus.

The Cottles


3 thoughts on “Cottles in Asia

  1. we are so proud of you and Lynette, Jamie, your strength for the work of our Lord has inspired and encouraged many here and abroad. Im remembering your Dad also, for his inner peace, joy and strength to be renewed. Hi to Lynette.

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