Time to….

A few weeks ago we finally arrived at full financial support. Hooray! This meant time to get serious about packing and making final preparations. So, I (James) bought tickets for us to leave August 1st. Within 2 1/2 days of purchasing the tickets we got word that one supporting church had to stop financially supporting us; at least temporarily until they could recover from financial struggles. At the same time, we found out Lynette’s position at Asian Hope was terminated due to budget deficits. This is terrible timing!

The last few weeks we have been wondering what to do and how to move forward. Is it time to stop? Is it time to change directions? Is it time to….? Needless to say our heads have been spinning. We have discussed the current events with several people (family, friends and organization leaders), we have prayed and sat still listening for what the Lord might be saying to us. In times like this (cloudy & confusing) its really difficult to see the forest for the trees. So, we lean back on what we have the most confidence in not towards what we have no (or little) understanding about and trust that God will direct our steps as we move forward towards what we discern as His leading. Time to trust and move.

As of today (June 30th) we are in conversation about another job opportunity for Lynette which will aid us in getting back to Cambodia. This opportunity comes with a salary and covers our kids school tuition costs. We are waiting to hear the final word from the school’s administration on several details before we can accept this offer. Hopefully we will hear back from them soon. We do know that if this moves forward Lynette will need to leave July 22nd which is a little sooner than expected.

What do we need right now? Prayer. Time to pray our dear friends. There are many things to work through and do and we need wisdom, strength and grace. We also need more financial support. With the loss of one of our churches we are in need of $500 a month. Getting this amount in before we depart would help stabilize our finances as we launch back to ministry in Asia.

Thanks for partnering with us and we will update you soon as we know our next steps.



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