Change can make a world of difference

Reach a Child . . . Build the Church

Children are the future for any nation. With Cambodia’s history, efforts to build into their children are important.

Teachers have unique opportunities to influence children, families and communities for good. Therefore, the EDu team is working directly with practicing and future teachers to equip and empower them to rebuild their broken education system. Our focus is to disciple and equip believers to be effective teachers in the classroom and effective witnesses for Christ in the community.

Currently we are. . .

  • discipling and equipping approximately 64 teachers
  • involved in 12-15 IMG_1823schools/ministries
  • Training 8 trainers in Tribal Literacy Schools
  • influencing approximately 1500 children
  • considering requests from the Cambodian government to train national public teachers

For this strategic ministry to continue and grow, we need financial partners!

What’s your change worth? Is it worth changing a community? Is it worth changing a family? Is it worth changing a child’s life?  When you give, it means something significant and eternal is able to take place. EDu Ministry Video

The teacher-training program is influencing children, families and communities. Teachers can be catalysts for growth and change in Cambodia, but they need proper training! They can’t get it without trainers. Your financial participation:

  • keeps Godly trainers on the ground.
  • ensures that the teachers get the training and discipleship they need.
  • enables national teachers to build into children . . .the future of the nation.

Help us through your financial support change the direction of Cambodia’s communities, families and children.

To give click on the link, then worker and type in our name and the amount of monthly support you desire to give

To contact us directly write us at


One thought on “Change can make a world of difference

  1. Children really are the future. Have to do all we can to protect them, make sure they grow up healthy, loved, educated, and with a spirit of empathy, compassion, merchy, and neighborly love for their fellow man 🙂

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