We are so close

The Cottle family has been back in the States for one year. It has been an amazing time with family, friends and visiting many churches. We have enjoyed the summer of 2015 and now entering the summer of 2016…oh how we love the heat! Although very enjoyable we are ready to return to Cambodia and continue the work God has for us there. As you are aware, our monthly financial support was low ($1,500 a month) but through the generous giving of new supporters and churches and longtime supporters raising their financial pledge we are now very close to full support. We still need to confirm the numbers with World Team financial department but according to our records we only need $450 more in monthly support. We are so close…..

First, thanks to you all. Lynette and I were talking the other day about how people are sacrificially giving of their resources for the cause of Christ. It’s really amazing when you stop and think about it. People are rethinking where they want to spend their money. It made me think of Matthew 6:21 “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will be also.”  Your giving to the work in Cambodia caused us to take pause and give thanks. We are quite humbled by the sacrifice. Thank you….thank you…thank you.

Please continue to pray for the remaining needed support. Lynette and I are planning on an early August departure so they kids can

Ready to be a fisher of men

start the school year in Cambodia. However, if the support is not at 100% we have decided to send Rachel back to Cambodia ahead of us to start her 10th grade year and we’ll hopefully follow her within a month or when the support is at 100%. This is not our first choice but we feel it’s a reasonable decision.

Lastly, if you have you any friends, family, businesses, or church that you feel would be interested in participating in our ministry please speak with them on our behalf.
All we need is 8 people giving $50 a month or 16 giving $25 a month. WE ARE SO CLOSE!

Desiring to buy flights,

The Cottles


2 thoughts on “We are so close

  1. Hey y’all! I’m praying with you for that last amount to come in! I’ve always longed for our church to support you but have had to trust that the Lord is providing through others as our missions committee has chosen other areas of focus! God is so good and reigns on high as the perfect King so I trust Him fully to know exactly what He’s doing regarding each of our places in His service! I follow you through your e mail updates and cover your lives and ministry through earnest prayer. What a joy and privilege to know and walk with you here as we labor toward that great day!!
    Press on, dear saints and warriors in the fulness of The Spirit! Stay strong in His might full of courage and single focused dedication to knowing Him and making Him known until the whole earth is FULL of His glory as the waters cover the seas!!!
    I love you!

  2. Oh wow, I can’t believe I ended up in here! I was just browsing the web, looking through some information about Cambodia and the education system there and I bumped into this blog!

    You guys probably have no idea who I am but Mrs. Cottle (that’s who she was to me) taught me Maths at Logos school, back in 2004 to 2008 I believe. It’s crazy that I left that school 8 years ago. Obviously she was an amazing teacher, and so were everyone else at that school. And I remember when Moriah was just a little kid haha. I know it’s random but I thought I had to leave a reply here after such a coincidental discovery. Perhaps Mrs. Cottle might still remember as the Korean kid that played piano for all the Christmas events and stuff.

    Daniel (or back then everyone just called me GC)

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