April 1st (no fooling)

April 1st is most widely known as the day to play tricks on others. It can be a lot of fun. I remember one time my mom stood behind me at the breakfast table asking me “who cut your hair; you have a bald spot.” I remember getting angry and telling her no one has touched my hair and that I didn’t either. Of course being the good little prankster that my mom is, she insisted with hand gestures and raised voice that I had a bald spot. Right before my boiling point she said “April fools.” That was about 33 years ago. She got me good.

Well this April 1st had different meaning for Lynette and me. It was the day set to determine whether or not a June departure back to Cambodia was going to happen or not. Several months ago Lynette and I felt we needed to set some dates/goals to help us gauge our financial progress and feasibility of departing back to Asia. Since we have people using our car and staying in our house in Cambodia along with people under our direct leadership who are all affected in some way, we felt it was fair to give all the people involved a heads-up on when we would return so that they too could make plans to find their own car, a house and adjustments in ministry can be made.

April 1st has come and gone and although we did see a slight increase in monthly support we did not meet our financial goal of $1,400 a month. So we are sticking with our decision to cancel our June departure.

What now? We have set a new date (June 30th) to determine a feasible departure date. We are hoping and praying for our needed monthly support to be mostly end by June 30th in order to purchase tickets for an early August departure.

Since the kids school year begins in August we are hoping we can board a plane back to Cambodia.Having the kids split their school days between two different systems is not ideal. Besides this, we have ministry responsibilities that we need to get back to. Please continue praying for us as we seek new partners to join us in reaching those in Asia.

Thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry. We are very grateful.

James & Lynette



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