Cottle Update

Summer has come and gone,  and cold temperatures have moved in. We even had some snow flurries for about 10 minutes. Fortunately, we have acclimated to the cooler temperatures and are ready for winter in North Carolina

Over the last few months, we have visited one supporting church, spoke at a men’s prayer breakfast, drove to Pennsylvania to debrief at the World Team office, visited family in Virginia  and shared our ministry with several families over dinner. We’ve also had two successful surgeries:

First was Caleb’s surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving. The surgery went well and he is making great progress. Notice in the picture he is pointing to his ears that no longer have hearing-aids.


The second was Moriah’s shoulder surgery on January 5th in Colorado. Her surgery went well and she is now back home after spending five days recuperating while enjoying the snowy scenic view from her window. Moriah returns to Liberty University on Friday the 15th to begin her second semester of her junior year.


What’s next for us? Now that the holiday season is over and things begin to normalize a bit, we are gearing up for travel, speaking and getting our ministry support up to where it needs to be. We are in need of over $1,000 a month in newly pledged support. Please pray along with us that this amount will come in by April so that we can secure tickets for a June return.

Special thanks for praying and supporting our family and ministry; your partnership is crucial in reaching others for Christ in Asia.


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