We MUST walk

I absolutely love the Gospel of John and particularly chapter four verse four. It reads: “He (Jesus) had to go through Samaria.” We know by verse seven through twenty-six that there was real purpose in Jesus’ MUST trip to Samaria; it was to deliver a powerful and life-changing message. That message is “I am the Messiah.”

What amazes me as I read the gospels is how Jesus is always with the people who needed to hear and receive that simple message. He walked the markets, visited the temples, traveled to distance villages, walked the shores, went on fishing trips and so on; he did this to connect with people. Jesus went to popular and unpopular places alike. He went to his home town, nearby villages as well as distant locations that were potentially hostile. Jesus walked among the people. Jesus has clearly set the mode on how to reach others and by doing so there is a direct challenge to us as believers to follow in his FOOTSTEPS.

M With M

One way for us to follow in his FOOT STEPS is to make reaching Muslims a MUST. With 1.4 billion unreached Muslims we have plenty of opportunity to walk among them and influence them towards the true Messiah. John 4:35 tells us that the harvest is ripe and I believe that applies to Muslims. One question we need to answer is; should I be one of the people who MUST walk among Muslims? Its a worthy question worth pondering.

PRAY GREEN is focused on praying-equipping-mobilizing Christians to serve among the many unreached Muslims in Asia. Please join us in praying for the following points and consider serving with us to establish communities of believers among the Muslim people.


  1. That strongholds and darkness would be broken among Muslim peoples
  2. That more workers would respond and serve among Muslims
  3. That Muslims would be receptive to the gospel message
  4. That a disciple-making movement would begin among new believers

One thought on “We MUST walk

  1. James, Thanks for the update and reminder of how our Lord reached the multitude… One step at a time! Merry Christmas and God bless, Gary Wood

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