The Cottle’s latest happenings

Being back in the States with family and friends has been great and of course summertime is always nice! We have enjoyed the sandy beaches of Eastern North Carolina and got to wet the line a few times. No real big fish to brag about but we did catch fish. Of course Rachel’s fish was huge:)

IMG_1964 IMG_2058

James got a job with a construction company to earn a little extra cash. Pictured is a tongue and groove stage he finished in August.

IMG_2018 IMG_2112

We took Moriah and Kailyn to college to start their Junior and Freshman year.

IMG_2122 IMG_2134

Caleb had his first of two surgeries on his ears in August. He is receiving skin grafts on his eardrums and if all goes well he will not need hearing-aids any longer. Wooohooo. Caleb is doing well and is gaining hearing in his right ear without hearing aids.

caleb surgery

We attended World Team leadership meetings in Spain in October. It’s always great to be with other leaders and prayerfully try to move the mission towards establishing communities of believers among the unreached. Afterwards we added a few days to spend with fellow missionaries serving in Italy to tour some of the sites.

IMG_2838 IMG_2662

Our time hasn’t been all travel, beach and fishing. We are still maintaining our leadership roles through online meetings and training. Lynette just finished two- four hour online sessions with professional teachers in Cambodia. James has been setting up a workshop on honor-shame cultures. 150 people from various organizations will attend this vital training Nov 16-18. We are also preparing for three upcoming training sessions for leaders, teachers and one of World Team’s teams in February when we travel back to Asia.

Finally; we have been visiting churches and updating on the marvelous things God is doing in Asia. We are blessed to be a part of reaching others with the Gospel and equipping others and it’s always fun sharing it with others.

Please continue to pray for us as we anticipate Caleb’s next surgery to be later in Nov or early Dec. Also, please pray that our financial support will increas. We are $1,100.00 a month below what is needed to support our family and ministry.

It seems a lot of people are posting throw-back pics these days. Here’s two from us. James taking the girls to school in 2001 and James and Moriah and Kailyn (left) in Preah Viheah in 2003.

IMG_1320 IMG_0641

Thanks to all of you who pray for us, the ministry and give towards reaching the lost.






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