Kid Happenings

Over the last few months our kids have been busy going, seeing and doing different things. All of which are pretty cool as parents to watch. Here are a few highlights:

Moriah has been enjoying the cold weather of North America and has just returned from a mission trip to New Orleans where they held prayer walks and talked to many people.

Moriah and snow girlMoriah-mountain top







Kailyn who graduates in May had a great basketball season (finished 2nd) and just returned from her high school senior trip to the beach. She is sporting the bandana she took from her dad

Kailyn basketball








Rachel also enjoyed a good soccer season with a first place win. Rachel and Kailyn took part in Logos spirit week and dressed up as nerds.

Rachel soccerKailyn-Rachel nerd







Then finally there is Caleb….the fastest boy on the planet even though he has short legs. Caleb placed first in all his track events (800m, 400m, 200m, 100m and the relay race). Caleb also got into spirit week and was sporting his new tooth-pic hair style.

P1110960 Caleb hair

We are very proud of each our kids and the unique way God has created them.


One thought on “Kid Happenings

  1. James,
    You have a very special family.
    I have always admired how God is working in and through your family.
    Thank you for sharing the highlights.
    Continue to be a “light” in a dark world.
    Your life and commitment have inspired many, even this old Marine.

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