Change, gifts and needs

Hard to believe, but true–we are approaching our 14th year of serving in Cambodia. We feel so blessed and privileged to be here and to be a part of what God is doing. Lynette and I have enjoyed seeing new people come to faith, believers discipled, churches established, leaders developed, sick healed, poor fed and clothed, and God honored through it all.

We are so thankful for the many supporters that have given financially to this work for many years. So many have sacrificially given when those funds could have been easily kept at home to pay bills. This selfless giving has enabled us to serve uninterrupted for nearly 14 years.

However, over the last few years the cost of living has increased like in the rest of the world; accompanying this is a decrease in our monthly support for various reasons. Over the last few years this combination of challenges and changes have caused our ministry funds to take a severe hit.

Although we will be able to continue living in Cambodia until our scheduled home assignment in June 2015, our ministry capacity will be limited. We ask you to consider becoming a new supporter of our work or, if you are already a participant, to consider an end-of-the-year gift. We are not asking for personal gifts but for financial gifts to be sent to World Team for this ministry. We have been operating from a monthly deficit of $700 which has taken its toll on reserve funds. Currently we need $7,000 to stabilize our ministry account. This however is only a short-term solution. To prevent monthly deficits in the future we need partners to join this work through monthly financial giving.

If you would like to join this work for this first time or contribute financially, please follow the link on our home page, on the right-side labeled “JOIN JAMES and LYNETTE’S MINISTRY”.

You can also contact us directly for more info:




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