Around the World

I thought I got around the globe until I met a 77 year old women from Berlin a few weeks ago. There I was walking in a relatively small town in China when all the sudden I see a really old car pull up and back into a parking space. I just sort of stood there starring at the car until my eyes focused on the passenger door. On the door was a map of the world. This intrigued me so I went up to the car window and ask; “how was your trip?”

The older lady stepped out of the car and said “so far so good.” She went on to tell me that she left Berlin several months ago and was driving around the world. Seriously! You read about people sailing around the world….flying around the world….and I guess someone has to meet them as they travel but this time it was me. Lucky me.

I hope Heidi Hetzer makes it all the way around the world in two years. She will make history and I can say I met her, talked to her, and shook her hand. Oh, I forgot to mention she was a famous race car driver in her earlier years and did I mention she is 77? Impressive. Search her name online and read more about her trip.

photo 1                              photo 2


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