What can we say negatively about 2014? Well, a lot actually! It has been a rough year for the Cottles in many ways. That’s not to say we don’t have some highlight moments but……we’ve had moments that make you ask; what else can go wrong? or…..Can it get any worse? and what about…are we actually going to make it out of this year? Yes, we have been challenged  physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Back problems, root canals, broken hearing aids, a stolen motorcycle, and recently, we found out James’ dad has throat cancer and a spot on his liver. Not news you want to hear. Things like this make one look up and ask; what is happening God? So what is the Cottle response to all of this? Tearful! Emotional! And a bit of unbelief! We are human too. Then we look back up to where I help truly comes from we find strength. We acknowledge that this world and all its many challenges are not overwhelming to God. He can handle things like this. He uses things like this to redirect us and/or develop. W e don’t deny the pain or try to make out that everything is “going just fine” but we don’t sit down and count our many woes either. No, we try to put things back into its proper perspective; mainly that God oversees all things not the other way around.

So today; instead of listing all our struggles we want to acknowledge the many things we’re thankful for. Thanks YOU our good and faithful FATHER for:

a spouse that knows and understands fully what they got themselves into and has chosen to to stay, for wonderful kids who truly honor their parents and want to impact the world in a positive way, for parents (grandparents) who love us deeply and completely, for the ability to experience life with eyes that see, ears that hear, and a tongue that speaks. Thank YOU for friends who have supported us through tough times and challenged us when w get off base, for the opportunity to live in Asia and learn from others, for the many churches, family and friends that give financially to our work every month. Thank YOU for the house we live in, the many clothes we have, for technology that connects us with others and makes our work easier (most of the time), for each day that we’re given, for the opportunity and responsibility to be a positive influence in the world. Thank YOU for being with and protecting Moriah in college, for protecting us as we move about in Cambodia, for the reminders YOU give deep down in our soul that YOU are always present and capable,


2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Good reminder. The certainty we have is that through trails and the struggles of this world He never leaves us. We will continue praying for you guys. Sorry to hear the news of your father/father-in-law.

    Thank you for your transparency that takes courage. Love you guys.
    Janet B

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