Skills Training

A few months ago Lynette and I traveled to Papua, Indonesia to facilitate a workshop on Crucial Conversations. Crucial Conversations training equips us for those difficult talks we need to have with our children, friend, team mate, spouse, boss or employee. You know, those hard conversations that cause our palms to get sweaty, our voice to crack a bit, and our blood pressure to go through the roof. Yeah, those!

Research reveals that most people handle these hard conversations poorly….that would include me. Working so closely with others, we really do need to figure out how to manage our emotions and communicate in healthy and beneficial ways. This training helps.

The group was diverse with Canadians, Dutch, Americans, Papua New Guineans, and three other local tribal Papuans. We had a good time learning how to better think through what is actually on our minds, what we want to say , how to say it clearly and how to listen to the other person. Then together make a positive step forward. This was the second training Lynette and I have done like this and we learn so much each time. Learning how to better listen and communicate is an on-going life skill.

CC Papua #1




3 thoughts on “Skills Training

  1. Dear Cottle Family, I hope this gets to you as I am not computer literate and your new format is great but difficult for an old lady. We at Temple Baptist continue to pray for you and all missionaries in the field and at home. I hope this finds you all well and thriving and bringing GOD’S word to all the lost and hurting. I also hope you are able to enjoy this wonderful fall season and approaching Thanksgiving Holiday. GOD’S blessing are prayed to fall on all of you. Diane Adams

    • Diane, you seem to be doing quite well with keeping up with the blog. Also, thanks for the holiday wishes. We are Thanksgiving this coming Sunday with friends and will spend Christmas in Papua. Ought to be fun! Give our greetings to the Temple family.

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